Visa Applicants is a video artwork comprised of candid interviews with over 40 randomly selected Turkish citizens applying for a Visa to Germany. Kadirbeyoğlu asks strangers in front of the German Con­sulate in Istanbul questions similar to the Visa Application Form. The respondents are filmed while they hold a glass in front of their mouths to magnify their answers. Personal attention drawn to the subject in the video counterbalances the official Visa procedure – a process where direct contact is avoided, paper represents people and thick glass windows separate an applicant from the interviewer.

“Visa Applicants”. Single Channel video. Duration: 04:51 min. © Devrim Kadirbeyoğlu 2010.

DVD is enclosed inside a hand crafted, painted, and numbered case in the form of a passport and a visa application form, along with a magnifying glass used during the making of the video.
Dimensions of the case: 29,5cm  X 21cm  X 2cm