I grew up in Istanbul in the wake of the 1980 military coup, a time when hundreds of thousands of intellectuals were killed, imprisoned, or driven into exile. My mother was taken from home and imprisoned twice during my childhood, and this turmoil is written into my name – Devrim means “revolution.” The threat of death was real in the politically and ideologically charged environment in which I spent my youth, forcing me to pay close attention to what was going on around me.

Cycles of suffering and the fear of death formed the basis on which I would begin to question my identity, society, and culture. The use of language was heavily circumscribed first by the right wing political leadership, later by the forces of political Islam that replaced it, while the imminence of loss lent an urgency to the search for new modes of expression and methods of synthesis.

In my early twenties I migrated to the United States to attend the Studio for Interrelated Media in Boston. I broadened my medium from clay to wood, metals, and new media. Meanwhile I became fascinated by context and otherness. A “resident alien,” I began to witness the multiplication of my own self-hood. I began to see otherness not as a romantic mirror of the self, but as an invitation to escape the cage of individuality.

After my studies I spent five years in New York, working 9 to 5 at a large corporation in midtown Manhattan that produces carpets. It was alarming to see the production of exactly these objects – deeply associated with traditional craftsmanship, family, and the role of women in Turkey – ripped from their context and given up to the service of profit. I began to use bi-products of the cultivated cravings inherent in consumerism into my artwork, as well. I wandered the city collecting discarded Christmas trees, lost gloves, that would form the basis of my installations.

I began to see reproduction and repetition, the multiplication of objects, as a means of undermining hierarchical relations between them. My artwork is an attempt to reposition production as a theatrical extension of daily life, with the threads of my own experience as material.

Solo exhibitions
Archiviazioni. ‘Who Draws the Line?’. Curated by Giusy Checola. Lecce, Italy
2010 ALANistanbul. Istanbul, Turkey
2010 Baracca. Den Haag, Netherlands
2008 Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery. ‘On Its Head’. New York, U.S.A

Group exhibitions ( curator *)
Apartment Project. ‘Stay With Me!’. Berlin, Germany
Convento di San Patrignano. ‘Do Ut Des’. Curated by Antonello Tolve. Collecorvino, Italy
City Gallery des Kunstverein Wolfsburg im Alvar-Aalto-Kulturhaus. ‘In Dialogue’. Wolfsburg, Germany

Museo della Carrozza. ‘Sguardi sulla realtà’. Curated by Antonello Tolve. Macerata, Italy

Bogazici University, Mithat Alam Film Center. International Migrants Day Film Festival. Istanbul, Turkey
Dino Morra Arte Contemporanea. ‘The One’. Naples, Italy
Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair. Galleria Paola Verrengia. Istanbul, Turkey
The Others. Dino Morra Arte Contemporanea. Torino, Italy
Cezayir. ‘Art of Migration’. Istanbul, Turkey
Goethe-Institut. Istanbul, Turkey
The Empire Project. ‘Time Keeper’. Istanbul, Turkey
Kabine Nadire. ‘Maximum Load’. Istanbul, Turkey

Archivio dell’Architettura Contemporanea. L’intervallo necessario. Artisti in dialogo con Gillo Dorfles. Curated by Antonello Tolve and Stefania Zuliani. Salerno, Italy
Archiviazioni at IN/OUT and Artissima Lido DOC, Artissima 18. Turin, Italy
Archiviazioni. The Wall (archives) #4. A project by Pietro Gaglianò in collaboration with Archiviazioni. Lecce, Italy
Garaj Istanbul and De Velinx presents ÇOK. Collaboration with dancer/choreographer Ayşe Orhon. Istanbul, Turkey and Tongeren, Belgium

26 cc. Prevenire La Cura with curator Giusy Checola. Rome, Italy
UNDERDOX. Through September 30 – October 6. Munich, Germany
Dumbo Arts Center. Curated by Caspar Stracke and Gabriela Monroy. New York, U.S.A
Convento di San Filippo Neri. ‘Gratis, Et Amore Artis’. Curated by Antonello Tolve. Salerno, Italy
Macka Sanat. ‘Merhaba Fureya Merhaba’. Istanbul, Turkey
Kasa Galeri. 10th Year Anniversary, Book Launch & Exhibition. Istanbul, Turkey
Manzara Perspectives. ‘The Outer Edge of Inside’. Istanbul, Turkey
The EAST/WEST Project. ‘the New new’. Berlin, Germany

Le CentrePasquArt. ‘Seriously Ironic: Positions in Turkish Contemporary Art Scene’. Bien, Bielle, Switzerland
Kasa Galeri. ‘Getting Even’. Curated by Işın Önol. Istanbul, Turkey
Bridge Art Fair. Represented by Emmanuel Fremin Gallery. New York, U.S.A

Hafriyat. ‘Urban Jealousy’ 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran. Istanbul & Berlin
Flux Factory. ‘New York, New York, New York’. New York, U.S.A

Scope, Hamptons. Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery. Co-curator. Hamptons, New York, U.S.A *
Istanbul International Contemporary Art Fair. TersHane. Istanbul, Turkey
TersHane. ‘Biennial Parallel’. Istanbul, Turkey
TersHane. ‘Factory Days II’. Istanbul, Turkey
Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery. ‘White Noise’. New York, U.S.A *

Istanbul International Contemporary Art Fair. Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery. Co-curator. Istanbul, Turkey *
Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery. ‘One Is Better’. New York, U.S.A *
3rd Ward. A night of Videos for Loft-n-Space. NY, U.S.A
Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery. ‘Compassion’. Co-curator. New York, U.S.A *

The Brooklyn Society For Ethical Culture. New York, U.S.A

Judi Rotenberg Gallery. Boston, U.S.A
Stephen D. Paine Gallery. Boston, U.S.A

Huntington Gallery. Boston, U.S.A
The Brant Gallery. Boston, U.S.A

Student Life Gallery. Boston, U.S.A
Huntington Gallery. Boston, U.S.A

Çanakkale Art Gallery. Çanakkale, Turkey
Osman Hamdi Exhibition Space. Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Istanbul, Turkey
Turkish Ceramics Association. Izmir, Turkey
Izmir Rotary Club. Izmir, Turkey
Seramitek. Istanbul, Turkey

Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture & Design. Prague, Czech Republic
Seramitek. Istanbul, Turkey

Osman Hamdi Exhibition Space. Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Istanbul, Turkey

2014 Pescara, Italy
2013 5533 in Istanbul, Turkey with D21 in Leipzig, Germany
2011 Dam, Stuhltrager. Berlin, Germany
2011 Archiviazioni. Lecce, Italy
Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center. Istanbul, Turkey
1999 Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture & Design. Prague, Czech Republic

2000 Izmir Rotary Club 6th Golden Tray. Youth Award. Izmir, Turkey
2000 Turkish Ceramics Association. Izmir, Turkey

2000-2003 Massachusetts College of Art: MFA in Studio For Interrelated Media (SIM). Boston, USA
1996-2000 Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University: BFA in Ceramics & Glass. Istanbul, Turkey

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